Squirrel Infestation Driving You Nuts?

Squirrel Infestation Driving You Nuts?

Ask us about our squirrel removal services in Elizabeth, Union & Woodbridge, NJ

If you hear skittering and scratching in the walls, you might have a squirrel problem. Homeowners in the Elizabeth area turn to Superb Pest Control for squirrel removal services. Squirrels can cause serious property damage and need to be removed quickly. Our pest control team will verify your pests are squirrels and identify the best way to get them out of your house.

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How badly can squirrels damage your home?

A squirrel infestation shouldn't be taken lightly. Some of the ways squirrels can damage your property include...

  • Chewing through wiring, beams, roof braces and electrical fixtures
  • Trampling and using the bathroom in your insulation
  • Digging holes in your ceiling and drywall

If a squirrel chews through your wiring, you could be at risk for a house fire. Save yourself the worry and call a pest control expert instead.