Give Bed Bugs Their Eviction Notice

Give Bed Bugs Their Eviction Notice

Arrange for bed bug extermination services in Elizabeth, Union & Woodbridge, NJ

One bed bug can lay over 200 eggs in their lifetime. That means if you have an infestation, you're in for a challenge when it comes to bed bug extermination. Don't try ineffective home solutions that just make the problem worse-contact Superb Pest Control and get a bed bug exterminator on your side.

Bed bugs will not go away on their own, and they can quickly infest every part of your home. Call 908-249-5868 now to get help from a bed bug exterminator quickly.

5 signs you have a bed bug problem

If you have bugs in your bed, you need to move quickly before they lay eggs. Here are some signs you're dealing with a bed bug problem:

  1. You find blood stains on your pajamas
  2. There are bug exoskeletons in your bedding
  3. There are fecal spots covering your sheets and mattress
  4. You find itchy bites on your body when you wake up
  5. You smell a strong, musty odor

Take back control of your home. Hire an exterminator the second you notice these signs.